Book & Lyrics by Gail Kriegel • Music by Curtis McKonly



Children today are exposed to everything except one of the greatest of all art forms, opera.
It is our purpose to introduce children to this art form through the vehicle of an exciting, funny,
and colorful operetta that brings diverse people (and puppets) together.

The National Children's organization awarded RAINBOW JUNCTION first prize.
It was subsequently produced by The Kansas City Rep, the Los Angeles Children's
Theatre Company, and by the King's Players at the Brooklyn Academy of Music,
Town Hall and in the lobby of the Met Life building at Christmas time.


Principals: 3 female, 3 male
Chorus: 3 - 99 actors and/or puppets

RAINBOW JUNCTION is a little town wedged between two great cities where BARAK, the renowned puppet maker, lives with his beautiful Puppets portrayed by live actors or a combination of puppets and actors.

Every day the TOWNSPUPPETS go into the cities to put on shows for the children. Every day, the same four puppets are left behind: MR. MADCAP, who is always angry; Ms. HAPPY FORTUNE, who can only laugh and giggle; SENOR SAD SACK, whose response to all things is to cry and sigh; and A QUEEN, who can be nothing but pompous and vain. Since all Barak's efforts to make them like his other puppets have failed, he has cast them out into an old warehouse.

THE FOUR, longing to be in the shows, and fed up with always being left out, decide to take action against Barak. They steal the SUN and the MOON, plunging Rainbow Junction into frozen darkness. They tell Barak they won't give back the sun and moon until he finishes making them. But when Barak threatens to put them in jail, The Four give back the sun and moon. And a celebration ensues when the light returns.

Unwilling to give up, The Four decide to stage a PROTEST. They march through the streets singing "Power To The Puppets" causing great excitement and confusion. Offended and infuriated, Barak decides he will get rid of them; throw them in the dumpster and turn them into wood chips.

When The Four find out his plan, they sneak out of the warehouse and rush away. But a fire starts inside the old warehouse and they realize Sad Sack, who's always lagging behind, is still inside. Barak, smelling the smoke, is terrified. Fire will destroy his whole world, his puppets, his village. He starts to evacuate everyone and no one will listen to The Three pleading with them to stop and help Senor Sad Sack. Staking their own lives, The Three break down the door and save their poor friend Senor Sad Sack along with the whole village of Rainbow Junction.

Barak is moved by the deep feelings the Three showed for their friend and for their courageous acts to save him and the village. He is ashamed of having cast them aside and apologizes. They all celebrate and Mr. Mad Cap, Ms. Happy Fortune, A Queen, and Senor Sad Sack finally have their dreams realized: to be appreciated, despite the fact that they're different, and to be in the shows!

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